About Us

Marked Cards USA services the magician and poker communities. From our experience and customer base we received their input. All clients seem to have one major problem in common.

They can't get magician and poker supplies quickly. See previously they would order their supplies from other countries and have to wait a minimum of 7 to 14 business days. These turn around times have only gotten worse as the pandemic unfolded.

Because of this delay some of the magicians and poker players have to reschedule their performances and games. Marked Cards USA has finally solved this problem.

We ship nationwide out of New York city. You can count on us for fast and local delivery. We stock magician and poker supplies such as; infrared marked cards, barcode marked cards, marked dominoes, UV sunglasses, UV contact lenses, poker analyzers, car key cameras, chip tray cameras, power bank poker scanners, etc.