One of Marked Cards USA specialties is drop shipping. If you are a small mom and pop shop or a ecommerce company looking to leverage your capital wisely, we recommend you try our drop shipping program. We carry dozens of brands of marked cards to help you fulfill your orders, with out having to invest significant capital or meet a minimum order requirement.Count on us to ship out products directly to your customers with blind shipping. Your customers will never know that you didn’t ship the items directly to them.

Our Dropship Process
1. List our products on your website with our images and descriptions.
2. Sell our products on your website at the price that you have set.
3. Pay $39.99 for a One-Year Membership and receive exclusive membership savings. Place your orders on and pay a discounted price during your membership.
4. We discretely ship direct to your customer.
5. You keep the profit between your sale proceeds and our discounted prices.Drop shipping is an easy way to start a business on the internet. You eliminate the risk of investing in inventory. The only requirement is your time. Join our growing roster of drop shippers maintaining their own websites without any cash outlay for inventory, employees or warehousing.